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An Introduction…

On this website you will find only a very small selection of the stories available in my books “Memories of a Meathead” and “Once a Meathead…”. If you like what you’re reading, please feel free to purchase your own copy here or visit me in person and save on shipping (I usually have copies on hand for sale – $20 CAN each or $40 CAN for the hardcover edition of both books combined!).

For larger orders or availability, I can be reached via email here. Thank you very much for your support and interest. Enjoy!!

Thank you for visiting my preview website and thank you all very much for your support! On this site you will find a small collection of stories from my Meathead book series. All told, there are 36 unique stories total throughout the 3 books that I have self-published: Memories of a Meathead, Once a Meathead and Memories of a Meathead: the Complete Collection. On this preview site you will be able to read almost a third of those stories in full – 11 uncensored, complete and entertaining tales from inside the books!

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect from my writing. I’ll warn you now, though: these stories are NOT for everyone! These are tales of drunken parties and crazy times that my friends and I have had throughout the years. They are full of sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, alcohol, swearing, smoking, partying and just general fucking debauchery… but they are all real. These are the stories that made us all the people that we are so proud to be. We learn from our mistakes and then just go make even bigger ones… but we always have a helluva time while doing it!

Now, for those of you who may not know me – or those who are new to the “Meathead” series – let me tell you a bit about myself and the stories that you are about to read…

My name is Dan Stockman and I am just a normal 26 year old guy from a small town called Yarmouth, located on the East coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. I grew up in a small, close knit family and eventually found my way into a few different groups of friends. Over the years, my friends and I have had many memorable experiences and these books contain a record of just a small handful of those times.

We love to party and we love to drink – and I think we’re pretty damn good at it! However, another talent that that I have inherited is the skill to remember and tell a good story. I’ve always taken great joy in recounting experiences that I’ve had to my friends and reminiscing about times past.

This whole book idea started out of nowhere way back in the summer of 2008 when I was at a party with some friends. I ended up telling a few of my “stories” and they were all received very well. I loved that people we able to laugh and react so positively to events that they never got a chance to experience themselves. The next day I wrote down my first story, then another… and another. Before I knew it, I had published 3 books and my stories had been read by literally thousands of people. It’s a very weird feeling, but I am definitely proud (even despite the content of some of the “grosser” stories haha).

I would imagine some of you may be wondering about the whole Meathead thing, as well? Well, growing up (I use that term very loosely), my group of friends proudly earned that name due to the idiocy our drunken antics. At first it was meant as an insult, but it eventually grew into something more – it was a way to distinguish yourself as someone who worked hard and played even harder! We were proud to be young and dumb and knew that we were living the times of our lives. Still don’t get it? Well, read through these stories and I’m positive that it will all become very clear.

These are the stories of my life…

Dan Stockman

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